Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Funny Post from PreppyMama

Why Bonanno's Make A Great Push Gift

Just Humor me please!
I am in the shower this morning and thinking about gifts (yes, selfish I know), not just for me for women everywhere. I know times are tough so I wanted to be sure that my gift or gift suggestion would be worth the money spent.

I have lots of jewelry and nick knacks. My body, oh my body....you get the idea. When I feel fat and gross...I think jewelry, handbags and shoes! You know, the things that are size-less. The wonderfulness of accessories!! It doesn't matter what size or shape you are, they always make us feel better.

So, I thought about what I can't wait to wear again since I really loathe the winter. Oh and so happy this baby is being born in the summer. I can't wait to wear my flip flops and sandals. SANDALS!!!! That's it! My most favorite summer time accessorie...my Bonanno's!

Oh how I covetetd them. Took hours, days even weeks to pick out the colors. They were a mother's day gift from my husband. The wait. Yes there was a wait. Hey, its takes time for these beauties. Oh I remember the day they came. Joy, as almost comparable to the birth of my son ;). I rememer slipping them on and oh...Like butter. Perfect fit.

So, back to my shower. Yes, I thought. I can't wait to wear my Bonanno's. I live in the north east, I have to wait until June and I only get a couple of months to enjoy my little beauties. Then, as I was scrubbing my feet (they are so dry these days) I thought about how they have not swollen yet. SWOLLEN FEET!!!! Foiled!

The one thing I was looking forward to was now foiled!! I remembered when I had my son my feel were so swollen before and after his birth that it was almost three months before I could even get back in to some of my shoes and I was one of those people who's foot "grew" half an inch so I had to replace all of my shoes. Oh God, please let my Bonanno's fit! Can you imagine my dissapointment?

I am tempted to call Vivian and ask her advice. Do you think Bonanno's has a registry?

So, what is boils down to my friends is I will most likely be needing a new pair. I was thinking of taking up a collection (read wonderful family and friends). I really don't need the cute little frames and stuffed animals. Oh, the baby really doesn't need new clothes, I'm having a boy afterall. Just Kidding. (kind of)

Oh, if I was writing an essay here is the part where I tell you that Bonanno's make a really great gift for anyone, especially a mommy!

Dear PreppyMama,
I've heard from so many women who say their shoe size changed after having babies.
The good news is ... if the tops of your sandals are still in good shape, we can "resole" your old Bonanno's to a bigger size if need be. This way you can hold on to all your favorites.
-- Vivian