Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bonanno's and Denim ...

... two American Classics come together to make the "Blue Jean" series.
The "Blue Jean" Denim Series comes in the Palm Beach Classic and the Emma Monogram style sandals.

Customizing available in Light Denim and Dark Denim and can be mixed with any color leather your heart desires. The Denim is backed with our soft supple kid-skin leather. Simply Fabulous!

"Palm Beach Blue Jean": $115.00
"Emma Blue Jean": $170.00

Available at Stephen Bonanno Signature Stores:
Stephen Bonanno Sandals, Stuart 772-219-8008
Stephen Bonanno Sandals, Vero Beach 772-234-8377
Stephen Bonanno On-Line Store 866-313-FEET (3338)