Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Where in the World are Your Bonannos?

Here I am in my Bonanno's sitting on the fountain outside Buckingham palace. I traveled all over Europe and my Bonanno's got to see Berlin, Stockholm, and St. Petersburg, Russia!
They are the absolute best. -Ally

Thursday, June 24, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ... to the love of my life

... as the song goes ... I "4 letter word" you.
xxoo, Vivy

Where in the World are Your Bonannos?

Hi Vivian!
I wanted to send you a little vacation picture of my Bonanno's in action. It's a picture of your sandals on the Shelter Island ferry ready for a day of fun. Thank you for all of my Emma monogrammed sandals. I'm daydreaming about my next pair. I can't tell you how many people stop me & ask me where I got my sandals. Most times I end up writing your website down for them! I hope you & Domenick are having a fabulous summer!
xox Melissa from Preppy Apron

Where in the World are Your Bonannos?

Hi Vivian!

I received my Bonannos for Christmas and couldn't wait for it to warm up so I could wear them! I recently graduated from UNC-Wilmington, off the coast of North Carolina and where better to wear my Bonannos than at the beach at a graduation?!  Lots of girls complained of their feet killing them in heels all day, but my Bonannos kept me comfortable and stylish! :) Then I celebrated receiving my bachelors and one of the first warm days of summer, by catching some rays on my boyfriend's pier overlooking the lake!
Thanks for quality footwear, I plan on expanding my collection asap!
Hannah -- Wilmington, NC

Congratulations Hannah! -- Vivian

Monday, June 21, 2010

Where in the World are Your Bonannos?

Hi Vivian, I wear my Bonannos to work and I managed to photograph them during a one minute break!
Betsy, Queens, NY

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Following in her family's footsteps

My niece Jamie is designing her own line of hand-crafted high heels and ballet flats. She has finally unveiled one of her designs and we couldn't be more proud.
The ballet flat:
Super comfy, feels like a slipper, can be monogrammed, have a tassel, buckle, bow or just be plain on top.
Staying true to the family tradition, every pair is 100% leather and made in the USA! Jamie is literally making every pair from beginning to end with her Uncle at arms reach if she needs him.

To keep posted on the developments of "Strawberry Blonde Shoes" check out her blog: