Saturday, February 28, 2009

A New Bonanno Lover

Ali had a hard time wrestling away her sandals from her brother's bulldog, Bully.
Thank goodness all Bully wanted to do was "taste" them.
No damage done.
Final Score: Bonanno's 1, Bully 0

Click to enlarge. Ya gotta see her expression.

Monday, February 23, 2009


The new flower sets have knotted centers. Too cute.
One Pair of sandals, a baggie full of flowers and you're set for vacation!
Flower Sandals $135.00
Comes with 2 sets of flowers (any color)
Additional flower sets: $15.00

Friday, February 20, 2009

Stimulate the economy by purchasing something today

I came across James Andrew's blog
and found his post profound and very important to share.
I can't tell you how many times Domenick and I have had the same topic of conversation over dinner. How can we do our part? I understand these are scary and uncertain times, but I feel it is so important to keep the economy moving in the right direction by shopping a little or shopping a lot. Just so we don't stop shopping altogether.

Please take a moment and read Jame's post ...

Buy Something Today
Jan 28th, 2009
by lunarlander

A lot of people think they shouldn’t spend money now.

Even some friends I know with lots of cash have caught the financial fear bug and are not spending. Unfortunately this attitude is only further undermining consumer confidence, and promoting an already dismal scenario.
When people stop spending, decorating, shopping, etc. it affects so many people all along the line; from the woman working in a boutique who depends on her commissions, to truck drivers, to the artisans, artists, and designers who make all this beautiful stuff.

It is hard to wrap one’s mind around how many people are involved in the production of even the smallest item or service - everyone is impacted. It may be a little counter intuitive, and require some courage, but spending a bit more is actually the responsible (and dare I say altruistic?) thing to do right now.

It was just Chinese New Years this past weekend and you know what they do a lot of to celebrate? They burn money, well, mostly ritualistic money, but the idea is there - to let go and make offerings to the gods of good fortune. Its actually quite liberating. Why not go and burn a little money? (figuratively of course) Make some additions to your living situation, buy a nice pair of shoes or whatever, and feel good about the good you have done for so many!

I hope to encourage my blogger friends as well as visitors to What is James Wearing to help create some momentum with this idea. While there is no doubt that much of the current situation was touched off by poor lending and market oversight and regulation in our country, and it is harder to get a business loan now, our current paralysis has much more to do with our attitude and a subjective sense of insecurity than with a true lack of abundance. We can all do our part to stimulate the economy by purchasing something today. ( :

Elated that my shopping spree has helped so many people, with purchases from Gucci, Tom Ford, Etro, Cartier, and Ralph Lauren, I am wearing Tom Ford sunglasses, shearling coat by Gucci, yellow cashmere turtleneck sweater and brown tweed motorcycle pants by Gucci, brown wool scarf Paul Smith, and silver leather sneakers by Dior.

I want to give a special thank you to the extremely talented Lars Stephan for this brilliant photograph.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Love ...

... when our customers tell me they follow my blog.
... when our customers call to tell me they just got their sandals and they LOVE them!
... when our customers make us a "must stop shop" when their family and friends are in town visiting ... and they too become Bonanno fans.
... when my fellow bloggers make it a point, when in Florida, to come by and say hello.

President's Day was a busy Monday with lots of shoppers, when in the middle of all the insanity a sweet and soft spoken woman came up to me and introduced herself as NED from the Peyton Place blog. How cool, I read her blog! She mentioned she was chatting with Lisagh from Grosgrain Garage and told her she was heading to Stuart for her Bonanno fix ... "Lisagh's going to be so jealous."

Lisagh's response to NED's post: WAHHHHHHHH!!!!

Ned ordered the Palm Beach Classic with our newest leather, the "Brown Patent Croco" with Puma whipstitch. It's a deep rich brown and so beautiful.

Check out NED's blog:

Shopping Cart Down

We are currently updating our shopping cart ...
for all on-line orders please call our toll free number
866-313-FEET (3338)

thank you!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bonanno's and Denim ...

... two American Classics come together to make the "Blue Jean" series.
The "Blue Jean" Denim Series comes in the Palm Beach Classic and the Emma Monogram style sandals.

Customizing available in Light Denim and Dark Denim and can be mixed with any color leather your heart desires. The Denim is backed with our soft supple kid-skin leather. Simply Fabulous!

"Palm Beach Blue Jean": $115.00
"Emma Blue Jean": $170.00

Available at Stephen Bonanno Signature Stores:
Stephen Bonanno Sandals, Stuart 772-219-8008
Stephen Bonanno Sandals, Vero Beach 772-234-8377
Stephen Bonanno On-Line Store 866-313-FEET (3338)

Leather Color Swatch Update

New Colors:
Black Patent Croco
Brown Patent Croco
Camel Ostrich
Silver Iguana
Platinum Iguana

For Bonanno fans with a color swatch set at home, please e-mail me at wth your name (under the name you ordered your swatch), and we will get the new colors out to you with your next sandal order.

Colors no longer available:
Please take the following colors off your ring:
Most of you will not have them on your ring, but if you do ... toss them, please.
Brown Gator
Angel Blue
Essex Blue
Parched Wheat

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Funny Post from PreppyMama

Why Bonanno's Make A Great Push Gift

Just Humor me please!
I am in the shower this morning and thinking about gifts (yes, selfish I know), not just for me for women everywhere. I know times are tough so I wanted to be sure that my gift or gift suggestion would be worth the money spent.

I have lots of jewelry and nick knacks. My body, oh my get the idea. When I feel fat and gross...I think jewelry, handbags and shoes! You know, the things that are size-less. The wonderfulness of accessories!! It doesn't matter what size or shape you are, they always make us feel better.

So, I thought about what I can't wait to wear again since I really loathe the winter. Oh and so happy this baby is being born in the summer. I can't wait to wear my flip flops and sandals. SANDALS!!!! That's it! My most favorite summer time Bonanno's!

Oh how I covetetd them. Took hours, days even weeks to pick out the colors. They were a mother's day gift from my husband. The wait. Yes there was a wait. Hey, its takes time for these beauties. Oh I remember the day they came. Joy, as almost comparable to the birth of my son ;). I rememer slipping them on and oh...Like butter. Perfect fit.

So, back to my shower. Yes, I thought. I can't wait to wear my Bonanno's. I live in the north east, I have to wait until June and I only get a couple of months to enjoy my little beauties. Then, as I was scrubbing my feet (they are so dry these days) I thought about how they have not swollen yet. SWOLLEN FEET!!!! Foiled!

The one thing I was looking forward to was now foiled!! I remembered when I had my son my feel were so swollen before and after his birth that it was almost three months before I could even get back in to some of my shoes and I was one of those people who's foot "grew" half an inch so I had to replace all of my shoes. Oh God, please let my Bonanno's fit! Can you imagine my dissapointment?

I am tempted to call Vivian and ask her advice. Do you think Bonanno's has a registry?

So, what is boils down to my friends is I will most likely be needing a new pair. I was thinking of taking up a collection (read wonderful family and friends). I really don't need the cute little frames and stuffed animals. Oh, the baby really doesn't need new clothes, I'm having a boy afterall. Just Kidding. (kind of)

Oh, if I was writing an essay here is the part where I tell you that Bonanno's make a really great gift for anyone, especially a mommy!

Dear PreppyMama,
I've heard from so many women who say their shoe size changed after having babies.
The good news is ... if the tops of your sandals are still in good shape, we can "resole" your old Bonanno's to a bigger size if need be. This way you can hold on to all your favorites.
-- Vivian