Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Show us yours!

If you'd like to share your photos, e-mail me @

I'm attaching a photo taken at my Dad's 80th birthday
on August 4th at the Sailfish Club in Palm Beach.
So many of us had on Bonanno sandals (seven pairs),
that we took a picture. Pretty amazing! Remember--
none of us planned this! We just love these shoes!

I adore all of my sandals made by you guys!
This day especially sold me! I am a VERO BEACH native and
have worn these sandals my entire life! You recently made
these for me w/ my monogram! (probably my faves!)
Any way... my boyfriend did NOT tell me we were
going to do any hiking when we visted this White Pines
Park and well... there I was trekkin' through the woods
in my sandals and they still look perfect! I received
many compliments in IL about them and I will be sure
to pass the word to others. NOT the best photo.
But... I did want to tell you I was appreciative for how
well they are made!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Downtown Stuart

Riverwalk Jazz Series - Downtown Stuart

STUART – The word’s out – downtown Stuart now has a jazz series!
Sunday, February 4th will feature “Ossie Wright Jr. and Groove Division” from Noon to 3:00 pm at the Riverwalk stage, downtown Stuart.

Ossie Wright Jr. is one of our areas most talented and beloved jazz pianists. He has assembled a talented group of musicians known as “Groove Division”. The band plays everything from Gospel to Motown but their roots are in jazz and they’ll be performing many styles of this original American art form on Sunday afternoon.
The Riverwalk Stage is located on the waterfront (South of City Hall) on the corner of St. Lucie Ave. and S.W. Seminole Street.

Back by popular demand, March’s featured band will be James Broxton and “Just Loving Music”. April’s showcase band will feature one of the founder’s of the jazz series, Jim Chrulski and his smooth jazz-fusion band called “South Ocean Drive”.
For more information call (772) 288-5335.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


The Palm Beach Classic in Regal Blue and Linaria.
I love, love, love this combination. It goes really well
with the Cape Madras "Amherst" print and so much
of the Lilly Pulitzer coming out this spring.

Madras Madness

Spring Madras has arrived and it's beautiful!
Here are just some of the colors and pieces ...
everything is available in the Stuart boutique.
I promise to get the website updated so you can see everything.

Below: 21 Skirt in Westwood print, also comes in Crescent (not shown)
Fun Skirt in Higgins print and Riviera. Also comes in Crescent, Amherst, Boulder Blue (not shown)
Ladies Bermudas in Crescent, also comes in Cape Pastel (not shown)
Not shown is the Crew Short, like the bermuda but lower on the hip and a tad longer. Comes in Amherst.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"Preppy Girl" sandals No More!

If you love the "Preppy Girl" sandal, this is a good time to grab the very limited colors and sizes available at our Stuart Boutique. They will go fast.
We will no longer carry this style so you won't be able to custom order them. Call for availability.
Blue Multi, Brown Multi, Rainbow
Reg: $90.00
Sale: $70.00

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Special Tie for a Special Charity

I thought this was worth mentioning again ...
Shep and Ian from Vineyard Vines designed these ties exclusively for the "Boys and Girls Clubs of Martin County."
They are $65.00 (100% goes to the Boys and Girls Clubs) and come in 3 colors. We sell them here at Stephen Bonanno Sandals in Stuart, so if you love their ties, give me a call or come on in and take a good look. They are silk and really beautifully made. The ties have the club's logo along with the their 2006 theme of hot air balloons.
They are a perfect gift for Valentines day!!! A birthday, put them away for Father's day, or just a way to say "I love you" and wanted to help a local charity at the same time.
All checks to be made out to "Boys and Girls Clubs of Martin County" or cash.
No CC's, sorry.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Sleeper Sandal

The "Double Strap" sandal isn't new, but I think it deserves a little more attention.
I've always passed them off as the mature woman's sandal. Yesterday an older woman was Ooooing and Ahhhhing over them, so I decided to see what all the fuss was about and slipped them on too. Maybe it was the color combo we had in the store, that I was attracted to, but ... I loved the way they fit! They looked cute on, the whipstitch makes them stylish not fuddy duddy and they're different!
A new jewel in the bunch?!

These are Arbutus/Shell

"Betty Lou got a new pair of shoes"

A Couple of New Styles:
The 'Suzy" $95.00, named after my Sister in-law, Assunta, is an adorable, simple sandal and looks fabulous in metallics, but of course you can opt for any color. Below: The "Flora" $115.00, named after my Mother in-law is great for those who don't like anything between their toes. It comes with 2 sets of "small" flowers, your choice of colors. Like the "Flower" sandal, the "Flora" is the perfect vacation shoe. One pair, multiple flower sets and you're good to go.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Your Breed of Choice?

I am currently in the process of ordering images of pampered pooches for our sandals.
There are so many breeds, I need help choosing a select few.
If you care to share your favorite, I certainly welcome the feedback.
So far, this is what we have available:

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Stuart Jazz Series

Domenick, who is always out front in the store and behind the scenes in the shipping department, has been one of a handful of business owners in Historic Downtown Stuart who have put together the amazing Riverwalk Jazz Series, which takes place on the beautiful St. Lucie River.
Oh, and by the way, on the day of the show Domenick is the official roadie who goes by the name of "Axel " ... Someone told him being a roadie makes him a chick magnet. ... waszup with that!?

The free concert takes place on the 1st Sunday of every month from noon till 3:00. Just bring your lawn chair, sit back and enjoy good music and the wonderful weather.

the Fort Pierce Jazz ensamble, who were great. The City of Stuart Riverboat in the background cruises up and down the river giving tours. Another great reason to come to downtown Stuart.

The gang who puts on the show during a band break.
Left to right, Domenick aka Axel, Jim, Rick, Mike and Andy.

EXTRA. EXTRA. Read all about it

Yesterday, a customer of ours told us to pick up "What Would Jackie Do? by author Shelly Branch" in the paper back edition ... and look what we found!
below, Pages 69 and 257

... and What would Shelly order? Eva's in Black w/a high heel!

Johanna, who works with us on Sundays, brought this January issue of Palm Beach magazine to my attention. Very cool!

Friday, January 12, 2007


Emma embroidery style: White/Black
with Scotty Dog. Too Cute!
If you want to check out other fun color combos ...
Go to "Customer Picks" on the home page of our

Planning your Winter escape?

Production time is only 2 weeks!!!
For custom ordering: "production" time is only 2 weeks, not including ship time. Because of high demand, some leather colors may be back-ordered at certain times of the year, which may delay production. We will keep you posted at the top of "Customize Your Sandals" page of our website on colors that are back-ordered.
Don't forget to check our in-stock selection ...Call Vivian for color and size availability.
Photo: Stephanie Cline's Bonanno's

Bare with me, I'm new at this

Today I just learned how to launch this blog ... Hooray!

Quest Magazine flub

Thank you!
We've had an amazing response from Bonanno fans all over the country. We appreciate our blogger friends jumping on board too.
I haven't heard from Quest yet, but I'll surely keep everyone posted via the blog.

It takes the wind out of our sail

This morning, the mailman delivered a copy of QUEST magazine to our store and on the cover is Lilly Pulitzer with her daughters, all three of them wearing our Palm Beach Classics. You can imagine how excited we were!!!
Unfortunately, when you go to the story inside, the caption under the photo says, they're wearing Jack's! This is like a punch in the stomach, we are sick inside.

I immediately called the Senior Editor who said Lilly told Fashion Director, that was what she was wearing. We know that's not true ...

I dont know if it was ever mentioned in our newsletters, but Lilly goes to the factory to order her sandals as well as at C.Orrico in Palm Beach, who also carry our sandals. All very cool. As a matter of fact, the phrase Barefoot or Bonanno's was coined by Lilly herself.

So we believe the fashion director just plain assumed what they were.

They told me they are aware of the situation and are looking into what to do about it ...

First, we want to set the record straight with our customers who might have seen the magazine ... As any Bonanno connoisseur can see, they most certainly are NOT that other brand.
Second, to maybe rally the troops!

Editors have no idea how something like this can hurt a small business like ours.