Tuesday, March 27, 2007


... and Platinum, and Regal Blue and ...
I'll get back to the colors a little later. This will all make sense, I promise.

Every one's been talking about "The Secret" so I picked up the audio version, and I'm loving it ... It's hard to stay positive all the time, but I love the concept and I'm trying.

In some ways I've practiced 'The Secret" to some degree without even knowing it. I thought back on some of the things I've prayed for and some things I just knew I deserved, and I got them.

The biggest example was back in my single days: I was always attracted to the strong silent type, which ended up in frustration, and heartache. I knew I needed more, but I wasn't sure how to turn it around. I started to focus on the type of men I attracted, and realized I needed to make some serious changes ...

I prayed every night for the type of man I really wanted in my life. I visualized his character, his values, his love for his family and his love for me. I visualized him as smart, and funny ... I went down the list of things I wanted and deserved. For years I told myself he was just around the corner, I just didn't know which corner. I believed. It was about 3 to 6 months after some pretty intense praying that I met Domenick.

Domenick and I knew there was something very special between us.
He is the most amazing, supportive, loving, romanic, funny, best friend and husband. Exactly what I visualized in my life. We've been inseparable for the past 12 years and wouldn't want it any other way.


... Arbutus, Regal Blue, Platinum ...

Some of you may not be aware, but there are a few very popular colors we are having a hard time getting these days ... I believe in the concept of positive thinking. I believe in visualizing and seeing yourself having the very thing you feel you deserve ... so, I'm calling on all you Bonanno fans, let's start visualizing PLATINUM, REGAL BLUE, and ARBUTUS, on our FEET! Start visualizing the leather skins being delivered to the factory in truckloads, start visualizing yourself ordering over the web the very colors you want and deserve.
See it. Want it. Believe it.

We just celebrated our 11th Wedding Anniversary at the Brickwall in Stuart where the lovely Mrs Marilyn took very good care of us. Food was delish.

I got my very first Blue Box from Tiffany's ...... but the picture is really just to show off my hair-do. Laurie Greene from Laura Leighton Salon blew it out and styled it to make me feel beautiful. I did.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Blog buddy "Petite Tresor" formally known as "Preppy Princess" was kind enough to send her copy of Quest's March issue to me ...

... but before we show the actual retraction, let's recap shall we ...

The January issue had Lilly and her daughters on the cover wearing Bonannos.
Needless to say, we were thrilled!

Inside they did a 10 page spread on "Family Trees" showing prominent Palm Beach families and their Florida Fashion sense ...

Pitt / Nye Families

Kellogg Family

Ober Family

Callaway / Keith Families

McMakin / Kemble Families

Pulitzer Family (wearing Bonanno's)

Oh, but what's this ... under this picture it says ... sandals by Jacks! I was heartbroken for my brother.

The photo editor later admitted she assumed they were Jacks and went with it.

Smith / Burke Families

Azqueta Family

Fanjul Family

... now that you have an idea of what the coverage looked like and you could see the mistake they made ... hundreds of you e-mailed or called demanding a retraction ... finally ... this is the retraction from Quest Magazine March issue, located on page 10, bottom right corner ...

It gets better ...

in case you can't read it, it says,
"The sandals in our January story "Family Trees" were misidentified.
They are by Stephen Bonnano, The Original Palm Beach Sandal.

It's bad enough they misspelled "Bonanno", but they were so vague.

9 families in the photo shoot, 10 pair of sandals from various designers, I thought they could have at least mentioned which family was wearing our sandals? Don't get me wrong, I am greatful they did something, but jeez ...

I've vented on this "Quest" topic for the last time.

Thank you to everyone who was supportive and understood the frustration we were going through at the time. We appreciated your e-mails, phone calls and visits.

Now on to bigger and better ...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Lyric Theatre's 80th Anniversary Gala

Last night the Lyric Theatre celebrated it's 80th Anniversary with an amazing Gala featuring The Beach Boys. They performed their classics to a crowd of 500 guests.

Before the show, right outside our boutique ...

Pam McLean, Advertising Account Executive
for the Stuart News, and her husband Kirk

Tara Biek of tarabiek@mac.com me,
Ann Biek and Domenick

Kathy Walgreen ... a real sweetheart.

Maureen Zappala looking fabulous in
Vineyard Vines with husband Frank

Mike Bezembinder Director of Operations for The Lyric
making sure everything is running smooth

Our Table, #5

Kathy Walgreen introduces her personal friends,
The Beach Boys ...


Jennifer Jones, Eileen Morris, Ann Biek, Kathy Walgreen,
Tara Biek, Nancy ...

Tara Biek front and center with Mike Love


Rick Baxter Director of Marketing Services of the Stuart News
and his wife Lisa

Balcony seats, Row F Seats 1 and 3 was an actual "love seat"

A great time had by all ...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Stuart's Mayor, Mary Hutchinson, know in these parts as "Mayor Mary" just popped in to say hello. Mary is married to well known local artist Kevin Hutchinson www.HutchinsonArtGallery.com

Yo Dawg

I've been searching for dog images for our sandals
and finally found a catalog with 66 breeds to choose from.

Here's my list:
Golden Retriever
Scotty (new and improved)
Yorkie (puppy cut)

I've come up with 8 popular breeds,
and I'm open to suggestions for a couple more ...


"Customer Picks" on the home page of our website has been updated ...
check out the fun color combos!
Holly from Chicago picked the Emma Monogram
in Black with a splash of Citrus.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Adorable Lil Emma Monogram sandals size 8 in Linaria and
white with the new back strap to help those tiny feet stay in place.

And the beautiful Connie in Tristan and Chanel which appeared
in Palm Beach Life magazine in January 2007. The outter flowers
can shift to spread the three flowers across the foot or cluster
them together as shown in the photo below.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Colleen Coyne, Olympic Gold Medalist, Women's Ice Hockey 1998,
Nagano Japan, popped into our Stuart Boutique
with family and friends ... It was such an honor
to meet her. Yeah, we too noticed she's
not wearing Bonanno's. ... yet!
Maybe we can encourage Colleen to follow the lede of
Dara Torres fellow Olympic Gold Medalist, Women's Swimming,
who owns, loves and wears our sandals.

Colleen hamming it up ...