Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We're Moving!!!

Stephen Bonanno Sandals is relocating just around the corner to:
3 S.W. Osceola St. Historic Downtown Stuart
Look for us there around July 1st.

We're very excited!!!


Hey, look who popped in to say hello ... Melissa C. Morris, one of my favorite bloggers from NYC. What a sweetheart.
Click here for her blog.

and as you can see, Rippy just adores her.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Truckloads of leather have arrived!
We have plenty of ... Arbutus, Platinum, Regal Blue, and Pewter.
Order now or save up for Sunfest.

Thanks for all your positive thoughts. It worked!
and thanks for your patience too.

Domenick and I are off to New Jersey for a family wedding. We'll be back on Tuesday.
In the mean time, Johanna and Kelly will take good care of you.



I think it's just too cool that you get excited about your Bonanno's.
I get phone calls, visits at the boutique, and e-mails everyday sharing your experiences ...

I hear about the comments you get when you wear your sandals and how quick you are to share just how much you love them. One customer tells us how she was stopped on the streets of NYC by another who just had to know who she was wearing.

I heard from a teacher who said she saw her students wearing Bonanno's and how they called out to her. She just had to have them. Or the author who was researching Jackie Kennedy and called us because she just had to have a pair too.

One of our customer's, age 11, had surgery on her one of her feet. Her left foot is a size 10, the right a size 6. I heard from her Mother who said her little girl was so thrilled when her sandals arrived in the mail and they fit perfectly.

I get a kick when you come into the boutique wearing your Bonanno's and how thrilled you are when we notice how great you look in them. Or call me when your Bonanno's arrive to say "I love my Sandals!"

One night we were out for dinner and a couple of customers stopped us to tell us "We're the Jewel of Downtown." How cool is that!

I've even heard how you've often had to set someone straight about the differences, or defended our sandals from others who might not know any better ... I mean, what other brand name inspires such loyalty!?

We've heard about your parties where the discussion turns to what color you'll be picking next, or what style is your favorite.

I'll hear from a customer who just needs a Bonanno fix and we'll chat about what color is hot right now.

I got an e-mail from one customer who told us when she was at her family reunion she noticed several women wearing Bonanno's, so they all got together and took a picture and sent it to me (see photo above).

I could go on and on, but I basically wanted to say... We feel blessed, and a heartfelt Thank You. Thank you for your loyalty, and thank you for caring enough to share your experiences with us and with others. I brag about you, my customers, all the time. Thank you for being the most amazing group of women.
Thank you, Vivian & Domenick