Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's all about Closet Space

Chatting with my customers about their Bonanno sandals, conversation often comes back to "closet space". There's never enough.

1) How big
2) How organized is it?
3) Are sandals and handbags boxed and labeled?
4) Are boxes tossed and sandals and handbags spread out on the floor?
5) What are their tricks to keeping their personal closet space looking, well, ... organized.
I'm hoping you'll find it fun to share your personal space . There's no judgement and it doesn't matter if it's a total disaster or Imelda(ish) with too many shoes to count. It's all about the closet space.

So, my disclaimer is that this is the closet inside a 500 sq ft apt. Thankfully, I am quite the logistics expert, as my husband likes to say. And the answers to the questions are as follows:

1 - How big? The word "big" won't even fit thru our front door!
2 - How organized? Within and inch of it's life!
3 - Are sandals and handbags boxed and labeled? They will be once i have a closet that you don't have to make like Gumby to get into!
4 - Are boxes tossed and shoes/handbags spread on the floor? Quelle horreuer!
5 - What are my tricks to keeping my closet organized? A severe case of OCD!
Best, Alice
aka Allie in G'town Collars up!

Thank you Alice for sharing your personal space with us ...
First of all, I love, love, love the Bonanno pic.!!!
I am also very impressed with how organized, and how much you can fit into a small space. I am taking notes!
I also find it really cool that you decorate the inside of her closet with art. I've never considered it.
I'm going to borrow your basket idea. I have so many small things I toss here and there ... now I can collect them into a few organized baskets.
-- Vivian