Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's all about the Closet

Chatting with my customers about their Bonanno sandals, conversation often comes back to "closet space".
There's never enough.

1) How big?
2) How organized is it?
3) Are sandals and handbags boxed and labeled?
4) Are boxes tossed and sandals and handbags spread out on the floor?
5) What are their tricks to keeping their personal closet space looking, well, ... organized.

Photos by How Stuff Works
Fun Fact:
One of my customers built an extra bedroom onto her home and converted it into a master closet for her shoe and handbag collection. Everything is boxed and labeled with a small photograph and description of each item taped to the outside of each box.

I wish I was that organized!

Care to Share?
I thought it would be fun to show photos of your closet and how you organize around your Bonanno's. If you dare. :)

It won't matter if your closet is a mess and disorganized ... truth is, it will probably make some of us feel a little better about ours.

If you want to play along, send a photo, include your first name and answers to the 5 questions above.

It'll be fun.