Saturday, March 07, 2009

Faux-nanno's! And we're not talkin' Jacks

I love the nick name our customer Stacey from Wellington gave them ... faux-nanno's!

Yep, there are actually "Bonanno" sandals out there that are not designed or made by Stephen Bonanno.

You see, Stephen and his wife were divorced this past December ... she is making her version of the sandals using the name "Bonanno." There has been some confusion because they look like ours and have the same last name as ours, but most assuredly they are not ours.

** The "Stephen Bonanno Sandals Factory" is in Stuart Fl.
** The one, the only Stephen Bonanno, designs in Stuart
** We have two Signature Stores:
Downtown Stuart and Vero Beach
** There are a host of other boutiques throughout the country who carry "Stephen Bonanno Sandals" and they are all posted on our website under STORE LOCATIONS

If you think your favorite store carries our sandals, but you don't see the boutique's name on our website. See STORE LOCATIONS there is a good chance they are faux-nanno's!

Don't be fooled by faux-nanno's ... If it doesn't say "Stephen Bonanno Palm Beach" on the sole, it isn't the original.

Sorry, not the best image.