Sunday, June 03, 2007


NO. We're not closing our doors, and NO, we're not leaving Stuart! We're just moving around the corner.

Domenick and I have had our eyes peeled for anything that might open up on Osceola Street, since we opened our boutique on Flagler Ave., 4 years ago.

We love our current location, but we've learned very quickly that most people treat Flagler Ave like a back street. Here's the reason, Since so many shops go through from Osceola St. to Flagler Ave. shoppers assume, for good reason, once they've seen it on Osceola St, there's no reason to walk around to Flagler Ave. What they don't realize is there is a handful of really cute and unique shops that sit only on Flagler Ave. such as:

Puppuccio Pet Boutique, where you can get the cutest pet accessories for your pampered pooch.
Aunt D's Gourmet has the best coffee in town not to mention, really great gourmet foods and gift items.
Luna's Pizza where you can get the best garlic knots
High Heeled Boutique who has beautiful shoes and handbags.
and then there is us ... So anyway, 2 months ago a friend of ours contacted Domenick and told him about a space opening up on Osceola. We went to take a look ...

The new digs is about 100 Sq Ft bigger than what we have now, but on Osceola Street the foot traffic quadruples, so needless to say, we jumped on it.

We're going to be in the Real Estate office right next to Duffy's Sports Bar @
3 SW Osceola Street
Stuart, Florida 34994

We'll be giving Stephen Bonanno Sandals a face-lift:
** New interior colors with the guidance of Dee Dee Peters, interior designer.
** We'll be changing up the colors of the boutique logo.
** We'll have much better lighting!!!
** We're adding more phone lines! (same numbers)
** We'll be adding an interactive computer in the front of the store so you can play with colors to help you visualize what your sandals will look like.
** We've already added a new web address so it's easier to remember
** We're adding a TV monitor in the front of our store window so people can watch a slide show of how our sandals are made. I thought it would intersting.
** Oh yeah, and the coolest change is, Domenick and I will have a real office. Currently we've stuffed two desks back in the stock area. What you see is Domenick's desk in the foreground and my mess in the back.

As we make the changes I'll keep you posted with pics.