Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Chalk one up for the Good Guys!!

My heart is racing and my hands are still shaking ...

Yesterday: A very sweet and unassuming gentleman came into our boutique and spent approx. $200 on Vineyard Vines for himself and his wife.

2 hours later he was back purchasing the very same things, FOR THE SECOND TIME! Apparently after leaving our store he put the bag in his car and thought he locked the doors. Not that Stuart is a bad or dangerous town by any means, it's quite the contrary. Our town is so Mayberry like that Domenick swears Opie and Sheriff Taylor will be walking by any minute.

Still, in my opinion, you should ALWAYS lock up your car!

So when Mr Sweet and unassuming returned to his car, his golf clubs and cell phone were still there, thank goodness, but no "Stephen Bonanno Sandals' shopping bag.

He asked that we call him if anyone should try to return the items, and said he was going to file a report with the police ...

After we closed for the day Domenick and I discussed if someone were to come in with the stolen merchandise, how would be handle it. We gave ourselves a CODE WORD which would mean to call the police. .. and that was the end of that.

Today, we were busy as usual with walk in customers, shipping and web orders when I heard a woman come in expressing she would like to return the items her boyfriend bought for her, but she doesn't want store credit because she doesn't wear these kinds of clothes. she starts going on and on "I mean, look at me, I wear black biker clothes ..." Domenick is explaining store policy when I suddenly hear the "CODE WORD."

I think I say very calmly to Domenick, "you'll need to fill out a Return slip," which was also part of our plan. So he's writing very slowly, and very detailed and I'm in the back on the phone with the police. My heart is racing, I couldn't breathe, I'm whispering into the phone trying to explain to the police what went down yesterday and what was happening right now.

While on the phone, they asked that we detain the woman for as long as possible and for me to stay on the phone with them. So I went to the front and started talking to the woman with the phone at my ear. While I talked, the officer in my ear was telling me the Police were out front our of store waiting for backup.

They finally walked in and after about an hour of questioning they handcuffed her. A stunned Mr Sweet and unassuming came in (I called him as soon as I hung up with the police) to claim his merchandise. And it was off to the lock-up for Miss "I don't wear Preppy clothes".

Domenick and I high fived, settled our nerves with a glass of Chardonnay and went on with the rest of a very busy day.