Thursday, May 10, 2007


A lot of people often wonder what the differences are between the Bonanno's and Jack's, so I've put together a list. I hope this helps:
Bonanno: The Original.
My father made them back in the 60's with Mr.. Luigi Pucillo, his partner. My mother cut out the leather into patterns, the long thin strips for the whipstitch as well as punched every single hole by hand. She put together all the tops of the sandals chose the colors she thought would show nice on her counter, while my father glued, stitched and sanded the soles. The Bonanno name was never stamped into the sole until my brother took over the business in the 1980s.
Jack: Imitation.
They saw a good thing, copied and mass produced them and sold them in dept stores. There is no patent on a shoe so more power to them.

Bonanno: My brother continues the tradition ... every single pair is hand-crafted in W. Palm Beach Florida USA!
Jack: I've heard parts are shipped from overseas and assembled in Miami.

Bonanno: True B width, and true half sizes.
Jack: Run narrow, do not have true half sizes. Their half sizes are really whole sizes with wider tops.

Bonanno: 100% leather
Jack: Part leather part synthetic man made materials.
Customers come into our boutique with Jacks in hand and show us the underside where it has cracked and wonder why. That's VINYL folks!

Bonanno: We use the finest kid skin leather for the uppers. The leather is dyed.
Jack: They use calf skin for their uppers. Their leather is painted.

Bonanno: Approx. 75 colors and over 5000 combos. to choose from.
Jack: Limited selection.

Bonanno: Customize your colors.
Jack: From what I've heard, you can't.

Bonanno: Custom fitting.
Jack: As far as I know, they do not.

Bonanno: Repair dept. on site in W. Palm Beach. Resole when sandals are worn out.
Jack: As far as I know, there is no one at the company you can call for repairs, forget about resoles.

Bonanno: Very comfortable.
Jack: I have heard time and time again Jacks are uncomfortable, but I've never worn them, for obvious reasons.

Bonanno: The classic was originally known as the "Navajo", but when my brother took over the business he renamed them the "Palm Beach" classic with Jackie Kennedy in mind.
Jack: Still refers to them as the Navajos but lately I've noticed on some of the sites selling JRs, they're calling them "Palm Beach." What a surprise!

Bonanno: We pride ourselves with excellent customer service. You have a problem, you talk directly to me or Rick at the factory.
Jack: I wouldn't know, but I'd be curious if you have any stories to share.

Ridiculous Stories I've heard along the way:
Jack Rogers and my dad Benny Bonanno are brothers or cousins who had a falling out and went their separate ways with the sandals.
To set the record straight:
Jack is not my uncle or my cousin. I've never met the man.

Ridiculous Stories I've heard along the way:
Jacqueline Kennedy wore only Jacks.
To set the record straight:
I'm sure she was forced to ... in a pinch. ;-)

Ridiculous Stories I've heard along the way:
It was the Jack Rogers sandals that made Oprah's top 10 O list back in 2002.
To set the record straight:
Hell no. They are Bonanno's and now her producers are ordering our sandals too!

Ridiculous Stories I've heard along the way:
Lilly Pulitzer and her daughters are wearing Jack Rogers sandals in Quest Magazine January issue 2007.
To set the record straight:
Don't even get me going ... No, they are not Jacks. The photo editor admitted later she just assumed this and went with it. March has the mini retraction if you care to check it out.
P.S. Lilly and her daughters go directly to the factory to get their sandals.