Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Show us yours!

If you'd like to share your photos, e-mail me @

I'm attaching a photo taken at my Dad's 80th birthday
on August 4th at the Sailfish Club in Palm Beach.
So many of us had on Bonanno sandals (seven pairs),
that we took a picture. Pretty amazing! Remember--
none of us planned this! We just love these shoes!

I adore all of my sandals made by you guys!
This day especially sold me! I am a VERO BEACH native and
have worn these sandals my entire life! You recently made
these for me w/ my monogram! (probably my faves!)
Any way... my boyfriend did NOT tell me we were
going to do any hiking when we visted this White Pines
Park and well... there I was trekkin' through the woods
in my sandals and they still look perfect! I received
many compliments in IL about them and I will be sure
to pass the word to others. NOT the best photo.
But... I did want to tell you I was appreciative for how
well they are made!!