Friday, January 12, 2007

It takes the wind out of our sail

This morning, the mailman delivered a copy of QUEST magazine to our store and on the cover is Lilly Pulitzer with her daughters, all three of them wearing our Palm Beach Classics. You can imagine how excited we were!!!
Unfortunately, when you go to the story inside, the caption under the photo says, they're wearing Jack's! This is like a punch in the stomach, we are sick inside.

I immediately called the Senior Editor who said Lilly told Fashion Director, that was what she was wearing. We know that's not true ...

I dont know if it was ever mentioned in our newsletters, but Lilly goes to the factory to order her sandals as well as at C.Orrico in Palm Beach, who also carry our sandals. All very cool. As a matter of fact, the phrase Barefoot or Bonanno's was coined by Lilly herself.

So we believe the fashion director just plain assumed what they were.

They told me they are aware of the situation and are looking into what to do about it ...

First, we want to set the record straight with our customers who might have seen the magazine ... As any Bonanno connoisseur can see, they most certainly are NOT that other brand.
Second, to maybe rally the troops!

Editors have no idea how something like this can hurt a small business like ours.