Saturday, August 07, 2010

Where in the World are Your SB Sandals?

Hi Vivian,
Just a quick note to make you laugh...I went to a party with my husband last Saturday night. It was a pool party and I had somehow missed the memo. Many people were in the pool (in bathing suits) enjoying the water. I was dancing and socializing when the host of the party walked up, threw me over his shoulder and proceeded toward the pool. The fight was on... kicking, screaming, trying to get my sandals off!! Finally he stopped and said, "Will some one please take her shoes off!" Then he heave hoed me into the pool in my clothes!! Thank goodness my sandals were safe.
Where have my Stephen Bonanno's been? At least they have not been to the bottom of the pool!!
P.S. I may have pushed him in first:)
Happy Day!