Saturday, May 22, 2010

Where in the World are Your Bonannos?

Hello Vivian,

I could send you a photo of my recent Bonanno's (frog motif in pink and green) but it would be of me with my nose up close and personal - love that leather smell!!! - it fills my closet!!!!!! You've been so gracious in the past and published my photos featuring your sandals, I just thought I'd tell you I'm currently wearing them around the house and it's snowing outside (Iowa). If I were to send you a photo, it would include a fireplace and snow falling fast and furious. Can't wait for the warm weather. Going to Texas for Spring Break and hopefully there WILL be Bonanno's involved!! I"ve bought Jack Rogers in the past (they were the first before I realized the originals!!!) and recently received an offer of $20.00 off their price. Given that they really are made partially with vinyl (my JR's are cracking!!!) I deleted the messages and will wait until I can get the real deal from you!!!!.
Since we're going to Austin, maybe I'll get a photo op with Stevie Ray Vaughn (statue) and my Bonanno's.
All the best,