Saturday, November 08, 2008

Poor Blistered Feet

Is there a secret to breaking in sandals?
I always get excited when I start to see the new spring sandals in stores. But once I buy them, I can't stand the process of breaking them in! I often get painful (not to mention ugly) blisters that force me back into my tried-and-true ballet flats. How can I break in new shoes without the discomfort?

Sidestep those blisters with a trick that I learned from a dancer friend of mine:
Swipe clear deodorant all over your feet. Deodorant contains silicone, which helps reduce the friction that creates blisters as new shoes conform to your feet. (Bonus: Your feet will smell great!)

First Magazine

I did give this a try and it worked. One problem, the deodorant started to flake off after awhile which caused a big mess.
Perhaps I put a tad too much on? :)
Vivian --