Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Our friend Inez has always wanted to give her fiancee Michael, a Camel.
Living in Stuart, obviously that wasn't going to happen.

Michael "The Colonel" a retired Army Colonel, hence the nick name, owns an antique Camel Saddle, the pillow to the saddle is in tatters (see below).

Inez thought it would be the next best thing to a Camel if she could have Michael's pillow repaired, or if need be, remade for his upcoming 50th birthday.

After examining it, they all agreed it needed to be remade.

They got right to work. Stephen hand cuts the patterns while Domenick adds a personal touch by embroidering "The Colonel" on the front.

They chose the fabulous Faux Brown Croc for the cover with Pearwood backing and Whipstitching. The embroidery's in Gold.

Domenick dropped the pillow off with Inez, who was delighted with the results.

... and if you were wondering what the heck a Camel Saddle is, here ya go.
Happy Birthday Michael!