Thursday, October 11, 2007

Size Chart: Jack's vs Bonanno's

We get asked every day ... "if I wear a 81/2 in Jacks what would I be in Bonanno's?" I admit, it can get very confusing, but this is the way we understand the differences to be:

Jacks run narrow.
Jacks do not have a true 1/2 size. Their 1/2 sizes translate into a wider top, not a longer length.

I also notice they sometimes put a "W" next to their sizes. I think this also means a 1/2 size.

Bonanno's are a true B width.
Bonanno's have a true 1/2 size. There is an 1/8" difference between half sizes.

Because Jacks run narrow, this is the way their sizes translate into Bonanno's:
Jacks size 6 is actually a Bonanno's size 6 length with 5.5 top
Jacks size 6.5 is actually a Bonanno's size 6
Jacks size 7 is actually a Bonanno's size 7 length with 6.5 top
Jacks size 7.5 is actually a Bonanno's size 7
Jacks size 8 is actually a Bonanno's size 8 length with 7.5 top
Jacks size 8.5 is actually a Bonanno's size 8
Jacks size 9 is actually a Bonanno's size 9 length with 8.5 top
Jacks size 9.5 is actually a Bonanno's size 9
Jacks size 10 is actually a Bonanno's size 10 length with 9.5 top
Jacks size 10.5 is actually a Bonanno's size 10
If you find your Jacks to fit differently from our chart, we welcome your feedback.

More differences between the two brands:

If you notice, underneath the top strap, the Jacks are cracking and peeling. This is because they are made of vinyl. The top part and whipstitch are made of cow's leather. As you know, both brands get looser as you wear them, but when leather backed with vinyl stretches something has to give and the vinyl starts to crack. Once this happens you have to toss them.
On the other hand, the entire tops of the Bonanno's, in and out are made of soft Kid-Skin leather as well as the whipstitch. That's why they don't crack, they're much more comfortable and you can have them tightened back down to their original size at our factory, if you choose to resole them. 561-659-4161 ext 0 (repair dept). How cool it that?!

Another reason Bonanno's are much more comfortable ... Besides the Kid-Skin tops, the heels, insoles and soles are made of 100% leather. None of the knock offs can make this claim. The Jacks are a combination of leather and man made materials. If you look closely you can see the bottoms are different than the insoles. That is a man-made material my friends ... and to think you pay more or less the same price.
Just thought you might want to know ...