Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Message From My "Other" Brother

My brother David & sister in-law Su

Hey big sister, I must say, without bias, your blog is becoming a wonderful source of entertainment for me. You offer historical information about Dad's sandals; rich with detail and as far as I'm concerned, completely accurate.

It's really nice to see customers come into your boutique showing off their Bonanno's or sending you funny stories relating to the sandals. Good stuff!

Furthermore, the images and text you receive from globe trotters solidifies Dad's hard work and dream of making a fine sandal that would stand the test of time and fashion.

It seems like just yesterday, under the glow of the dining room light, Dad and Mom would make one sandal at a time. His heavily calloused hands would cut the leather with precision like Michelangelo chipped away at David. It's an artistic skill that maintains a steady heartbeat today, thanks to Steve, Monica and the both of you.

Keep up the good work and keep posting images of your great customers.

Your loving little big bro Dave