Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Flip Flop File (Your Bonanno Stories)

Got a touching or funny story to share or just a great experience related to your Bonanno's? Send it along to Please include your first name, city and state. We welcome your photos.

Hi Vivian & Domenick,
My husband & I were in your new shop this morning picking up another sandal order. Please know we enjoyed our visit with you two regarding our dogs and our recent loss. You two were so sweet to share your time with us. It meant so much. Later today I remembered something that happened not long ago I thought you two might enjoy.....

Our Blk Std Dachshund, Chance, had the crazy habit of licking the inside of my husbands shoes. One day I had left my Bonanno's out and later found him licking the inside of them. I screamed for my husband that he was actually licking my Bonanno's. Being the neatnick that I am, I was in total shock!

At that my husband yelled back, "What can I tell you, he has GOOD TASTE!!!"

Now that I miss him so, I'm happy he got to lick those beautiful sandals and smell that great leather. Thanks again for our visit this morning and letting me give your sweet Rippy a little kiss! P.S. The color was perfect!

Sue -- Tequesta, Florida